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What type of oil is the best to use?

The most wholesome form of oil is by consuming it in the form of whole fats, specifically :

Here's a short video showing how we consume oils in their most wholesome form : 

The next best alternative to wholesome nuts and seeds are cold pressed oils. In the process of making cold pressed oils or kachhi ghani oils (wood-pressed), no excessive heat or chemical leeching is used. The seed is simply pressed and oil is taken out from it.

However, be cautious in choosing an authentic brand for cold pressed oils, as many industrial brands which are producing them are not of good quality. 

The worst of all are refined oils. We should absolutely avoid the consumption of refined oils. The process of making refined foods includes heating seeds at extremely high temperatures, which leads to the formation of toxins. Over and above, chemicals, bleaches, and deodorizers are added to it, making it all the more toxic. Refined oils stick to the walls of our arteries, resulting in blockages. Hence, we must completely avoid their consumption.