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Is maple syrup a good alternative to sugar?

The reason we don't recommend maple syrup is that it is not local to India. For international participants, you may use it occasionally. 

Caution : Please do not confuse pancake syrup with maple syrup. There are many brands in the market today selling pancake syrup in the name of maple syrup, which contains a very small percentage of real maple syrup. The rest is all refined sugar (and this is clearly mentioned on the ingredient list). If you are to consume maple syrup, make sure it is authentic maple syrup, not pancake syrup mixed with sugar. 

How is maple syrup made?

If you are to use it, make sure it is organic (as it is generally genetically modified corn syrup with as little as 3% maple syrup), and use it minimally (dates, figs and other whole sweeteners are safer choices).