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Brown rice doesn't taste good and doesn't get cooked properly. What to do?

Yes, we understand your concern. Some of our other community members go through a similar experience initially. So don’t worry, you're not alone. 

Since you're new to cooking with brown rice, it will take some time for you to understand how to prepare it properly. Like anything, with practice, you'll be making tasty brown rice. Here are a few tips we suggest in order to make the transition easier : 

  1. Try different brands available in the market. Every brand has a slightly different taste, flavour, and texture. Find the one that you love. 

  2. Always soak brown rice in water for a few hours, before cooking. Soaking reduces cooking time, and ensures that your rice gets cooked properly. 

  3. Give your taste buds some time to adapt to the new taste and texture. You may have been eating white rice for many years. If so, please do not expect your taste buds to adapt to the taste of brown rice in one meal. Please allow yourself about a week to adapt to the new taste and texture. Our taste buds are extremely adaptive. They adapt to anything, when given for long enough.