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How to control kids dead food habits as all their school friends are always eating dead foods?

We believe true change comes from within. If we control/restrict children without giving them proper knowledge or handholding them through the change, then they may either rebel, or feel pressurised, rather than inspired to change. 

Thus, to help a child adopt healthy habits we need to set examples for them, by improving our own habits. Inspire, not enforce
Additionally, the following two factors can help a child to adopt healthy habits: 

1. Educate them - Share knowledge children on how to read ingredient lists of different products. Share with them Satvic Movement's videos for kids (https://youtu.be/NzUgYywvoQY and https://youtu.be/pB2haV52FRo). Give them the charge to pick the best products from supermarkets themselves. You may be surprised to see how quickly children learn and transform when knowledge is kept at the centre, not rules, regulations or enforcement. 

2. Prepare Substitutes for them -  We understand, it may be difficult for children to live without pizza, chocolates, namkeens, and biscuits, thus we have shared a booklet containing satvic snack recipes with you. You can try making some substitutes for your children. Download that booklet by clicking here.