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I come back from office late at night. How can I manage early dinner in this case?

As discussed in the live session, if it is absolutely not possible for you to have an early dinner, you can have a light, easy-to-digest dinner at whatever time convenient to you. Here are some options for a light dinner : 

If having a late dinner, avoid grains like rice, roti, wheat, millets, pulses and legumes. This is because grains are much harder to digest, in comparison to vegetables. Having a light dinner will ensure that it gets digested fast and the body gets more hours for cleaning, healing and repair. So by having a light, non-grain, easy to digest dinner, you can gain similar benefits as eating early. 

In the Satvic food book 1 and 2, there are many recipes given for soups and salads. You can order the book 1 here: https://satvicmovement.org/products/satvic-food-book-2