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How can I fulfill my protein requirement. I exercise for 1 hour each day and have a sitting job (sedentary lifestyle)

Protein is a building block for the body. Its job is to BUILD. Build muscles, build tissue, build cells. Hence, it is essential for people who need this building which includes:

When your body reaches adulthood, it is no longer growing. If you're exercising for just 1 hour everyday and spending the rest of your day mostly sitting, your need for protein is rather low. In fact, an overconsumption of protein presents a far greater threat to our health than not getting enough. A major culprit in many diseases is a protein overdose. 

Either way, the need for protein can easily be fulfilled by a variety of whole plant foods including vegetables, grains, sprouts, greens, nuts, coconut, and fruits. This need can easily be fulfilled by following the meal plans shared on day 8 of the Ultimate Health Challenge.