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Do eating raw fruits and vegetables work same as drinking juices? / Can we have whole fruits and vegetables instead of juices?

Raw fruits and vegetables have a very different purpose and effect on your body in comparison to juices. 

Fruits and vegetables are WITH fibre, whereas juices are WITHOUT fibre. 

When we extract a juice from a fruit or vegetable, it's nutrients land up in the juice, whereas the fibre is separated out. When you drink this fibre-less juice, it floods your body with abundant micro-nutrients without needing much energy to be spent on digestion. So you get abundant nutrition, without energy getting wasted on digestion. Thus, if you're drinking juice in the morning hours on an empty stomach, your praanshakti can continue doing cleaning work, not needing to be distracted by digestion work. 

On the other hand, fruits or vegetables require significant digestive energy. Although great, they have a very different purpose in comparison to juices.