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How to socialise while following the lifestyle? Specially when there are weddings and parties late in the night?

Socializing is an integral part of our human existence. Living a Satvic life does not mean that we have to cut off any of our ties. Here are three ways that may help you:

  1. Choose the best amongst what is available on the menu:
    In almost every menu or buffet, there will be some food options that align with Satvic food choices. They might not be 100% Satvic, but even if they follow the most critical Satvic food principles, be willing to make exceptions once in a while.

  2. Be Flexible:
    It's essential not to be too extreme with your lifestyle choices, especially when attending social events. Being too rigid and strict may make it challenging to enjoy the event and feel comfortable around others. Be open-minded and flexible and allow yourself to indulge a little without feeling guilty.

  3. Make a mental list of negotiables and non-negotiables:
    Out of all the habits you have learned in the UHC, decide which habits you do not want to ever compromise on. These may be different for each person. For example, for me, eating a plant-based diet is a non-negotiable rule. I will not compromise on it even at weddings or gatherings. But eating by 7 pm is a negotiable rule. If one day out of seven days, I am unable to follow it, I will not hold myself guilty. Making a mental list of such negotiables and non-negotiables helps to avoid guilt traps and yet practice discipline with habits you're strict about.