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I am the one who always listens, but the other person doesn't. What can I do?

What we interpret as 'listening', may not be 'real listening'. Remember, genuine listening involves:

  1. Listening to the other person with undivided attention. Not thinking, 'What should I say next?' while listening. 
  2. Understanding the situation from their lens.
  3. Repeating what they said in your own words so that know that you understand them. 

When we listen without advising, judging, or comparing, we can connect with the other person on a deeper level. This connection allows for a two-way flow of communication. However, establishing this connection requires practice and patience in seeking first to understand.

However, even after practising this for a considerable period of time, you don't feel heard in the conversation, you may express your feelings to the other person, but with love and empathy.